Stay balanced while squatting by Neil keleher

Stay balanced while squatting

Have trouble staying balance while squatting. Learn how to stay balanced easily with this mini-course.

What's included?

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Basic weight shifting
sy-PE 1d 0 basic shifting.mp4
1 min
sy-PE 1d 1 basic shifting bent forwards.mp4
1 min
sy-PE 1d 2 basic shifting chair pose.mp4
1 min
Staying balanced
sy-PE 1d 3 staying balanced while bending forwards.mp4
2 mins
sy-PE 1d 4 staying balanced while squatting.mp4
1 min
Staying balanced while squatting
sy-PE 1d 5 staying balanced.mp4
2 mins
Do you tend to fall back on your butt whenever you try to squat down? 
With this course you'll learn how to feel your balance and keep it while squatting (and while bending forwards). You'll learn a method of balance that you can apply to any standing position. 
I've had many people successfully learn how to balance on their hands in crow pose with my simple instructions. 
With this mini-course you can apply the same general idea to staying balanced on your feet.
(Plus, it's free. So what have you got to lose?)