Principles for Muscle Activation and Muscle Control

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3 Principles for Muscle control

The first thing that you'll get with this course is a pdf called "3 principles of muscle control". 

These three principles provide the underpinning for understanding muscle control, particularly if you want to use it to assess problems whether it is pain, lack of flexibility, strength or simply being more aware ("embodied") of your body.

What is muscle activation (and muscle control)?

Muscle activation is when you turn muscles on. When muscles are activated they can be used to move our body, stabilize it and allow us to feel it via muscle activation sensation, connective tissue tension, skin contact, and pressure.

However, sometimes it's just as important to be able to turn muscles off or relax them. Hence muscle control, which is the ability to turn muscles on and of and to feel when they are turned on or off.

Why is muscle control so important?

Muscle control includes muscle activation. As to why it is so important, well, I'll go into more detail in the course, but it's basically how we feel our body. 

If you ain't got muscle control, you can't feel your body, and if that doesn't seem important, then another benefit of muscle control is that it keeps our joints lubricated. 

But aside from that, if you work on muscle control you can use it to fault find problems, and potentially fix them. That includes dealing with some kinds of pain, poor flexibility and even strength plateaus. 

So what's the course about? What does it involve

The course isn't so much a course as it is information. And that you'll get via email. 

Personally, I've put off creating an email list for a very long time. But, it offers the opportunity for slightly more interaction than a simple website. And if you don't want that kind of interaction, no worries, you don't have to sign up. 

When I teach muscle control in my classes I can generally see when my students get it or don't. And I can modify my instructions to suit. I won't be teaching you muscle control in this course (I've other courses for that), but I will be talking about the principles behind it, the theory that will allow you to apply muscle control a little bit more intelligently.

There will be some trial and error (in that regard it's a lot like learning to program) but the idea of having principles is to make it easier to learn from the errors. 

Anyway, with email, you can always ask me questions. I can answer those questions and in the process learn the challenges you may have with understanding muscle control, and even why you might want to learn it. (And of course, lots of people have gotten by without it, sort of like the way we got by with regular phones for ages before smart phones came along). 

And that might be a good analogy for why I teach muscle control. It can make you smarter in how you use your body. 
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