Muscle control unlimited access for four months by Neil keleher

Muscle control unlimited access for four months

Access to all muscle control courses shown below for four months.

Terms and conditions

The idea is simple, unlimited access to all courses shown below for four months. Because I don't have access to stripe in Taiwan, monthly payments are manually administered. If you want to renew for successive months, let me know two days before your month is up.

An alternative option is one month for $40. 

Note the 1 month option is non-refundable. The four month option is partially refundable within 30 days. ($60.00 refund prior to end of 30 days.)

These courses are for people with limited budget and who aren't sure where they'd like to start. These are also designed to give you incentive to actually do the courses. 

If you buy the 1 month course and after decide you want to do the 4 month option instead, let me know, you can simply pay the difference.

What's included?

0. Exercises in foot control

0. Muscle control for the spine (including hip bones and ribcage)

1. Hip flexor muscle control

2. Hamstring muscle control

3. Thigh muscle control

4. Long thigh muscles

5i. Deep hip muscle control

6. Muscle control for SI joints, hips and spine

7ii. Arm strength for push ups

7i. Shoulder exercises for better posture, flexibility and awareness

8, Dance of Shiva

Basic 1: Frictional muscle control

Basic 2: Extreme muscle control

Basic 3: 5 routines for beginners

Basic 4: Lessons in muscle control for your Hip crease, Butt and inner thighs

Better flexibility 1: Improve hamstring flexibility in standing forward bend

Better flexibility 2: Hamstring flexibility in hurdlers stretch

Better flexibility 3: hamstrings, hip flexors and front to back splits