Know to Flow by Neil keleher

Know to Flow

Learn how to get into the flow easily (with or without a challenge).

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What is flow

Flow is a state of mind where you aren't thinking. The Japanese call it no mind but you could think of it as know (or knowing) mind. It's a state of mind where you don't have to think because you know what you are trying to do... or you are simply observing, and enjoying the experience of what you are observing.

Other names for the mind state called flow include "being present" or "in the now". You could also think of it as "yoga" or "union". 

Simply put, being in the flow is the absence of thought, but not of intelligence. You are aware, and what fills your awareness isn't thought but whatever is happening now. 

  • You could be in the flow and noticing what is happening inside your body. 
  • You could be in the flow and noticing what is a happening outside of your body.
  • You could also be noticing a little bit of both.

In either case, the machinery, the instrumentation for sensing what is happening now is all located within your body.

When working on being aware of your body the things that you can sense, among other things, are sensations generated by your muscles. That can include the actual sensation of muscles activating and relaxing. But it can also include the changes in connective tissue tension that muscle control causes.

When in direct contact with someone or something, you can use muscle control to sense those things (including the earth) that you are in contact with.

This can take some practice, and some "calibration" but if you can notice changes that happen inside of your body (and you can control those changes) it's that much easier to notice changes that occur outside of yourself.

You don't have to be able to feel your body to be able to get into the flow though. Artists (and engineers) learn to notice details of whatever it is that they are studying. These details could be thought of as relationships. The better you are at noticing relationships and changes within them, the easier it is to become present. 

You can also think in terms of "change". The better you are at sensing "change", and the better you are at sensing change as it occurs, the easier it is to be present. 

Know to flow is basically a book about my own experience of getting into the flow with a  particular focus on activities like skating, motorcycling, doing yoga and Chinese calligraphy. It even looks at experiences in the army. 

The stories and experiences in Know to flow are basically how an everyday person manages to get into the flow.

And how a fairly everyday person learned to understand what flow is. 

This book isn't just about flow however. It's also about the opposite mind-state, thinking, and how we can use them together to learn things more easily. 

If the brain, or consciousness, where like scientists, then the thinking mode is the equivalent of the theorist while the flow mode is the equivalent of the experimenter. 

Know to flow aims to help you understand both modes and how to move easily between them. And just as importantly how to use them together to speed up the process of learning (and make it more enjoyable). 


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