Improve hamstring flexibility in standing forward bend by Neil keleher

Improve hamstring flexibility in standing forward bend

How to improve it (using muscle control principles)

Using an anatomic and biomechanical approach to improve hamstring flexibility

If you are a business person, you know that the better you understand your customer, the easier it is to sell. And if you are a business person with principles, you can use that understanding to give your customer exactly what they need. 

Information and understanding, gives us the power to make intelligent decisions.

You can use the same approach to improving the flexibility of your hamstrings. 

The better you understand your hamstrings, and other muscles that work on the hips and knees, the easier it is to use them. 

Dealing with a client, a secretary may have given you a brief on the client, some background information. While helpful, it's not the full picture. You get a better idea of the full picture by actually talking to the client.

Likewise with your hamstrings, and other related muscles. When working to improving hamstring flexibility, it helps to be able to "talk" to your hamstrings, and to the muscles that they are working with. And understand that in this instance, talk actually means both talking and listening. 

Knowing some very basic anatomy is akin to having a brief on the customer. Meanwhile, biomechanics, which is the study of forces within our body, that's how we have the conversation.

What's included?

Video Icon 23 videos


amcp HF 0 introduction.mp4
8 mins
amcp HF 0a using a chair.mp4
1 min
Weight shifting (and shifting foundations)
amcp HF 1 Weight Shifting and Feeling Your Center.mp4
5 mins
amcp HF 1ai Static Hamstring and Glute Activation.mp4
2 mins
Using hamstring control to shorten and lengthen your hamstrings
amcp HF 1aii Relaxed Hamstring Stretching.mp4
4 mins
amcp HF 1aiii Hamstring Stretching with Hamstrings Active.mp4
2 mins
Options for anchoring the bottom end of the hamstrings
amcp HF 1bi Using Your Knees as Hamstring Anchors.mp4
3 mins
amcp HF 1bii Using Your Calfs as Hamstring Anchors.mp4
2 mins
amcp HF 1biii Using Your Heels and Ankles to Anchor your Hamstrings.mp4
1 min
Anchoring the hamstrings from above
amcp HF 1ci Using the Spine as an Anchor.mp4
3 mins
amcp HF 1cii Using the Spine as an Anchor for Relaxed Hamstring Stretching.mp4
2 mins
Anchoring inner or outer hamstrings
amcp HF 1ciii How to Anchor the Inner and Outer Hamstrings.mp4
5 mins
Counterposing with hip extension
amcp HF 1d Backbending the Hips as a Counterpose.mp4
3 mins
Using your hip flexors
amcp HF 1ei Assisted Hamstring Stretching with TFL.mp4
5 mins
amcp HF 1eii Assisted Hamstring Stretching with Sartorius and Rectus Femoris.mp4
3 mins
amcp HF 1eiii Anchoring Your Hip Flexors.mp4
3 mins
Controlling your sitting bones and SI joints
amcp HF 1f Stabilizing Your SI Joint.mp4
3 mins
amcp HF 1fi Using Your Butt.mp4
2 mins
amcp HF 1fii Anatomy of Sitting Bone Spreading.mp4
5 mins
amcp HF 1h Self Adjusting Introduction.mp4
3 mins
amcp HF 1hi Adjusting in a Symmetrical Forward Bend.mp4
2 mins
amcp HF 1hii Adjusting in Asymmetrical Forward Bends.mp4
3 mins
Making your spine long (and keeping it long) while bending forwards
amcp HF 1i Forward Bending with a Stable Spine.mp4
3 mins

How do you improve hamstring flexibility in a standing forward bend?

With practice, experience and understanding. 

This course teaches you the basics of hamstring control. That means learning to feel them as well as control them. 

You'll also learn a little bit about feeling and controlling some of the  muscles that oppose the hamstrings, in particular the hip flexors.

But prior to all of that, you'll learn to feel when you arms are bearing some of your body weight and when they aren't. 

There's a lot involved in improving hamstring flexibility. And rather than overwhelming you with detail, this course takes you through hamstring control little bits at a time so that you can understand how your hamstrings (and related muscles) work together. 

You can then go about intelligently improving hamstring flexibility. That means feeling what is going on when you work at stretching your hamstrings, and also responding to what you sense.

Improve your flexibility

The aim of this course is to help you improve your hamstring flexibility. Because everyone's starting place is different, one thing that everyone can aim for is improved flexibility.

30 day sensational guarantee.
Not satisfied? Let me know within 30 days and I'll give you your money back. How is that sensational? Well, this course, and all my courses, are intended to help you get a feel for your body as well as improve control. 

The "Sensational" means that you'll learn to better feel and control your body. Why's that such a big deal? Because you can apply it to anything that you do.