Basic 1: Frictional muscle control by Neil keleher

Basic 1: Frictional muscle control

Improve strength, learn to feel your muscles, learn to control them

Frictional muscle control is a set of poses that you can do as a routine to improve arm, leg and even core strength while learning to feel (and control) muscles at the same time.

The basic muscle control techniques that you learn in this course are the same basic techniques I have used with beginners and also with people who have difficulty activating, and thus feeling, their muscles.

You'll also see how you can apply these same techniques when working on improving hamstring flexibility and working towards poses or positions like the front to back splits and side splits.

For the strengthening aspect, you'll see how you can use these techniques to strengthen the arms (and the legs) and also how to synchronize arm and leg strength when working on your basic push up position (chaturanga dandasana).

Rather than just practicing over and over again you'll see how you can use the floor in different ways so that your muscles work together to lift and support your body.

Learn to act intelligently

I'm probably the last person who should be talking about "intelligence", but part of the reason for this course and others is to teach you to feel your body (or rather, the parts of it) so that you can notice how you are using your body and so that you can adjust and fine tune the way that you use your body.

Perhaps you've been on a bus where the drive slams on the brakes at every opportunity. and perhaps you've also been on a bus where the drive speeds up, slows down and changes direction so smoothly, you hardly notice it. 

This course (and others in the learn to drive your body series) all teach you how to feel and control your body so that you can operate it smoothly when you choose for a more comfortable experience of your body.

(And even formula one drivers work at driving smoothly!)

What has this to do with intelligence? One way you can define intelligence (when someone or something acts "intelligently) is that it notices what is happening and responds appropriately. 

Operating your body (or operating a vehicle) if you notice your body, the information it sends via muscles, you can make changes when required based on that information. So that you know what changes to make, it helps to have experience so that you can compare and contrast experiences and this is something else that the driving lessons for your body help you to acquire. 

You create understanding based on your experiences so that you can act intelligently (when you choose to.)

You don't need to be flexible (or strong)

You don't need to be flexible or strong to do this course. The idea of this course is to help you work on both so that you become more flexible, stronger, and improve your awareness, and understanding of your body while also improving your ability to control it.

That was a mouthful wasn't it!

One of the things this course aims to do is to make it easy for you to get on with the exercises by making the instructions as easy as possible to hold in your short term memory. You could watch an exercise on the video, and do the exercise while watching, and then pause the video to repeat the exercise by yourself.

The key to this is having instruction sets that are easy, but also, not too long. (and if they are too long, just shorten them...)

How do you know if a set of instructions is too long? If you have to think in order to remember the next step. 

What has this to do with learning your body? Well, if you can remember the instructions for an exercise easily, you can focus on doing the exercise, and feeling your body while you do it.

And so while you don't need to be flexible or strong, you do need to be willing to remember short and simple instruction sets and be willing to try the exercises, once learned, by yourself, without the video.

Push yourself

I really dislike pushy sales people. On one occasion I wanted to buy a pair of pants to go with a jacket. The salesperson pushed me to buy a pair of slacks with a new jacket just because the slacks matched the new jacket better. I hated that he was pushing me, but on the other hand, 36 years later I still have that same pair of slacks and the matching jacket. (The original jacket, a green one, is I don't know where.) 
Some people push just to make a sale. This guy pushed to make a sale, but he also pushed based on what he believed was the right choice for me.
All the courses I provide are based on my own experience in my own body and with teaching others.
At the heart of all of them is helping you to learn to better feel and control your body (and even how to apply "principles" and "clear thinking" in anything you do, whether  it involves the body directly or not.)
My hope is that the material you learn in this course is something that you can use (and build on) for a lifetime.
The only way to know for sure is to try. And if it doesn't work for you for whatever reason, know that it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.
If you aren't happy, contact me using the contact icon near the bottom of your screen within 30 days of purchase. I'll get you your money back.

What's included?

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Frictional Muscle Control 1 Warmup.mp4
17 mins
Frictional Muscle Control 2b Main.mp4
21 mins
Frictional Muscle Control 2a Main.mp4
32 mins
Chaturanga from ground up
Frictional Muscle Control 3a Push Ups Push Pull.mp4
34 mins
Frictional Muscle Control 3b Splits (Side and Front).mp4
33 mins