Hi, I'm Neil Keleher

I think to most of you I'll be that guy who teaches yoga (and body awareness). You've probably found me either on youtube or via my website, sensational yoga poses.
However, I also dabble in app design, in particular a Chinese character lookup app that is designed to make Chinese character lookup easy, even if you are a beginner. 
Whether I'm talking about looking up Chinese characters, or teaching "body awareness", in both cases, my job is to take away the drudgery of learning. 

Removing the frustration from Chinese character lookup

The inspiration for the Chinese character app was the hours of frustration I spent trying to figure out how to lookup particular characters using a paper Chinese dictionary.
While a lot of characters where easy to find, others...  not so much.
And so the framework for the app developed over the course of 12 or so years from that initial frustration.
 Sure there's google translate, but now I can use my app to lookup Chinese characters easily, even if I don't know their pronunciation.
(And for the times I do know their pronunciation, I've included two types of phonetic index and.... I've even included an English index.)
What, you to check it out? Well here's a link right here: chinsym lookup system
find out more about the chinsym lookup system

The road to yoga and beyond

With yoga, the road to where I am now as a teacher was paved with injury and a desire to become more flexible. And actually, I may have first started on that road when I tried to join the British army so many years ago. 
To enlist I had to figure out how to disguise that fact that I had flat feet. That simple action later became the basis for some of my earlier forays into teaching balance and body awareness.
With yoga, and my body in general, the frustrations I had to deal with involved various knee, hip and foot pains as well as low back and even some shoulder pain. All of these provide the frustrations that I learned to fix by learning to activate and feel individual muscles as well as the tension they created in connective tissue. 
Serendipitously, I found that the same muscle activation techniques that helped me to deal with knee pain also helped me to improve flexibility and in general enabled me to start running again at the still young age of 50.

Outside of yoga

Outside of yoga, I try to work from a set of basic principles that I try to apply in all aspects of life. It's a learning experience. I first began learning those principles while in the army, and perhaps even before that, learning to drive.
One of my main interests aside from yoga is Chinese calligraphy and Tai Ji, and it's from those, as well as from a bought of acting, where I've developed an better understanding of the idea of flow or being present. For more on that you can check out my book know to flow. It's a work in progress, but it offers a good insight into the principles that I apply to most areas of my life. 
Know to flow

Principles for muscle activation...

As for how those principles apply to muscle control (and feeling and controlling our body), well, I'm glad you asked.

I'm doing a newsletter that focus on answering that question (and possibly diverging to ideas that are related).

You can find out more about that by reading:
principles for muscle activation and muscle control.
learn to understand
understand to know
know to flow
flow to learn